Our Mission

‘A Christian witness in the community’

The calling of Whitemoor Methodist Church is to respond to the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ and live out its discipleship in worship, mission and service to people of all ages and abilities, working with other Christians as much as possible.
In Worship – to increase an awareness of God’s presence, celebrating His love through worship, word and action.
In Learning and Caring – to encourage Christian discipleship through Bible study, learning from one another and growing in faith; and encourage all Christians to care for one another, people in the community and themselves.
In service – to serve the local and global community through prayer and action, in obedience to Christ’s call.
In Evangelism – to enable Christians to share and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
This Mission Statement was agreed by the Whitemoor Methodist Church Council on 24th April 2013.
Our Mission Strategy is regularly reviewed and can be found below for download.

If you would like us to pray for you or someone you love, or if there is a situation that you want us to offer to God, please send us a message or contact one of our Church Members.


Rev Paul Parker
The Manse, Molinnis Road, Bugle St Austell PL26 8QJ
Telephone: 01726 850504

Superintendent Minister:
Rev Stephen Caddick
71 Meadway, St Austell PL25 4HT
Telephone: 01726 61341

Mrs Pat Pethick
Telephone: 01726 824516
Mrs Ros Owens
Telephone: 01726 821165

Steward and Treasurer:
Mrs Ros Owens
Telephone: 01726 821165

Steward and Secretary:
Mrs Lyn Hawken
Telephone 01726 822343

Safeguarding Representative:
Mrs Lyn Hawken
5 Meadow Close, St Stephen
Telephone: 01726 822343

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